Our Story

Publishing issues in the spring and fall, the Hamilton Review of Books is an independent online literary journal founded in 2016 and based in the thriving literary community of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Our editorial group is comprised of writers, editors, reviewers, and academics from the Hamilton area.

We strive to publish exceptional book reviews and long-form essays written by Canadians on works of Hamiltonian, Canadian, and international fiction, nonfiction, poetry, graphic novels, plays, and more. Additionally, we showcase interviews with established and emerging writers, and we maintain a number of columns, including Shop Talk, a space for publishing industry professionals to share their views.

Anyone who is active in literary discussions knows there’s a sea change happening in the literary world today. Writers with unique voices, diverse backgrounds and intriguing points of view are bringing out books we would not have seen ten years ago, as the publishing world slowly shifts to be more open and inclusive. Here at the Hamilton Review of Books we want to celebrate this change early and often. Hamilton is an incredibly diverse city.  With steel mills on one side, the Royal Botanical Gardens on the other and the third most languages spoken in a Canadian city, we know what it’s like to live in a captivating, multi-faceted environment.

We are committed to making the Hamilton Review of Books just as captivating and just as multi-faceted. You will find authors and reviewers from all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders and orientations published here. We promise to keep track as well, to do a count at the end of the year and present our numbers. We understand the need to be transparent and to take a stand to make the publishing world truly reflect the city and the country we live in. Of course, we know it will also make for fascinating reading.

While our mandate is to review books published by professional presses – especially smaller presses – we will consider reviewing self-published works if the author in question is a member in good standing of The Writers’ Union of Canada.

If you are a publisher or self-published writer and would like to inquire about having a book reviewed, or you are a reviewer and would like to pitch a review you would like to write, email us at hamiltonreviewofbooks@gmail.com.