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The HRB is committed to paying its contributors. Our budget - much like many literary journals - is small. Please consider donating. Your donation of any amount will help us to continue publishing great writing and paying our fine writers.

We are so grateful to the following sponsors for their generous donations:


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Here's what our past contributors have to say about Hamilton Review of Books:

"Getting published in Hamilton Review of Books marked the first time I had been compensated for my work. Getting paid is a big deal. In paying writers, magazines are not only concretely acknowledging the time and effort that goes into a piece of writing, they are also working to remove some of those barriers to entry that exist within literary communities, and which perpetuate a system wherein contributions only come from those who can afford to work without getting paid. Supporting magazines that pay their contributors, like Hamilton Review of Books, is an important part of building a literary community that is committed to publishing widely and diversely." ~ Kathryn Stagg

"It’s thrilling to see a new literary journal take wing. The work appearing on the pages of the Hamilton Review of Books is provocative and smart. Bravo to the dedicated team who are passionate about the world of Canadian letters. Long may they soar!" ~ Christine Fischer Guy

"With the national media's space for book reviews decreasing at an alarming rate, I'm thrilled to see the emergence of Hamilton Review of Books. Its intelligent, timely, and lively contribution to the Canadian literary scene is welcomed and crucial." ~ Angie Abdou

"The Hamilton Review of Books delivers some of the freshest, most compelling essays and reviews in the country. Each issue is an important contribution to the many critical conversations happening in Canadian literature right now. HRB should be applauded for its commitment to paying its writers and reviewers. Now more than ever, it's vital for us to support independent media focused on quality, compelling literary criticism." ~ Trevor Corkum